Fancy dress and other wishes

I’m not usually one to enter competitions. I don’t like the ‘not-winning’ part. I know, I know, participating should be more important than winning, but still…

Today I did enter a competition though, because 1) I was inspired and full of ideas and 2) I just LOVE the prizes. So I entered a photo in the Lush fancy dress photo competition. You can vote for me! Please do so, I’ll be eternally grateful!

Whilst being busy photoshopping a little bit here and there, I did think about the lens I’m using at the moment, and the new lenses I would love to have. Due to lack of finances I have no other choice than to always use my Nikon kitlens (18-55 mm), but I would really, really love the Sigma 10-20 mm lens and a, say, 16-85 mm which is better than my kitlens. If anyone would love to help me with that: donations are more than welcome!

What I also need is a Canon 8800f scanner (for my Diana Mini and Holga negatives), and I think it wouldn’t be a bad thing to do a proper Photoshop workshop. I know all the basics, but if I look at my photos (like the one I entered into the competition) and compare them to other people’s photos (which I know I shouldn’t but I do anyway) I just know I can get so much more out of Photoshop than I’m getting at the moment.

So my wishlist is as follows:
– Sigma 10-20mm
– any lens that’s similar to but much better than my 18-55mm kitlens
– Photoshop workshop
– Canon 8800f scanner
– and while we’re at it, the Nikon flash SB600 of SB800

So, Santa, are you listening…?

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