I’m trying to figure out this whole Photoshop-thing. I have a weird relationship with it, as I have a terrible fear of photos that look incredibly manipulated and so over the top photoshopped, but I do realize that Photoshop can actually help me as a photographer too. So I’ve had to face my fears and I’m now starting to figure it all out. I’ve found some tutorials on the web (thank god for internet) and started playing around with it. And hallelujah, it works. Skin is easily retouched, I can now see. I need to practise a LOT but that’s ok, plenty of time for that. A whole new world has opened up already, and I think I like it.

Here’s a new one in the We Love series, which I’ve enhanced in Photoshop as you might see. But don’t be fooled too much: I really have a very pink wall, and my boyfriend is actually wearing a very pink sweater!

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