Things to learn

Following up on yesterday’s post, I’ve been playing around with Photoshop for today’s addition to my 365 project. I’m very pleased with the result, I must say. I’ve been working with layer masks, trying to retouch my skin a little bit and stuff. It’s cool, I like it!

I’ve also realised I really must do something to protect my photos. Well, I’ve known for ages that I must do something about it but I’m lazy and I just post the large, high-resolution photos, no watermark or anything, which means anyone can just grab them off the net and use them without my permission. Now I’ve learned how to work with those layers I realised I can very simple keep one psd-document with the original and all the layers, and make a small jpg-copy which I can post on the web. With my copyright ‘logo’ on it.

I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to apply this procedure to my whole archive (it’s, well, kinda huge) but the least I must do is start doing it with all the new photos. So as of today: small photos with my logo on it! And if you like a large copy, you can buy it! Hey, I must earn money too, you know!

And now: back to all my Photoshop tutorials!

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