Although the 365 project is cool and gives me something to do, it’s hard to be creative all the time. So I might end up with photos that are not always spectacular, but still, I try every single day and that’s worth something. Also it’s a good opportunity to play around with Photoshop, try and spice it up a little bit, make it a bit more interesting than it originally was. So I’m not overexcited about today’s photo, but it’s not too bad either. As much as I like saturating photos, really brightening the colors, I also love desaturation (which means taking out some of the color), it gives an interesting feel to the photo. So that’s what I did today, and I added some noise to the background as well. Just playing around a bit. And isn’t that what life is essentially about? It’s not so much the result or the goal you achieve, it’s much more about trying and having fun!

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