Beds and lenses

Oh dear, when it’s that time of the year again that ‘Last Christmas’ is playing on the radio, and it’s cold and wet outside, you just know there’s nothing better than to get back in bed and turn up the heater and do nothing. So that’s what I did for today’s entry for 365 days. Well, I’ll have to be honest, I only did it for the photo. But it sure feels like just getting back into that warm bed.

And speaking of bed… Well, not really, but I had to find a way to change the subject. As I was dreaming about the Sigma 10-20mm I wanted to buy, I came across an ever better option, the Sigma 8-16mm! Oh dear… It costs more which kinda sucks, but it looks like a much better option, since my current (kit)lens is 18-55mm. Ok well I’ll miss the 17mm but I don’t know if that’s so terrible, since I also have my eyes (I seem to have too many eyes) on a 16-85mm lens. What to do, what to do? Well, finish up sorting and editing the photos for Theatergroep Siberia, that’s for sure! Then I can send the bill and get paid quickly, and that’s the first step to getting any new lens!

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