What I like about Flickr is that you can just browse through so many photos and be inspired in many ways. OK, I also like it when I see I have many views, and when people comment, and when I see that people even added my photos as their favorite. It’s good for my selfesteem! But that’s just a small bonus, the best part is that you get to see other people’s work and that works as a great inspiration for me. Like Frau K for instance, she makes cool selfportraits. Or Cooper Ray, his stuff is awesome too. When I see other people’s beautiful work, I get inspired and it energizes me to challenge myself too, make myself work harder and be more creative to get to that higher level. And I’m improving, the more I do it, the more time I spend, the more books and websites I read, the more I learn and the more I see other work, the better I get myself. I must be the best I can be, but: never forget to enjoy the process!

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