Wow, I’ve had great compliments for my work today, it’s amazing! People are too kind! On LinkedIn, in a discussion about 365 projects, Kimberley wrote about my 365 project: “Just checked it out and WOW WOW WOW!!! I love it. I told a ton of my friends about your Flickr set already. These are amazing photos!!!! I’m a FAN!”. That makes me blush!

Someone else mailed me via Flickr, saying “Ik heb net naar je foto’s gekeken, helemaal geweldig, mooie kleuren, goede impact, fijn licht! Ok , ik heb zelf een groep opgericht en ik ben een beetje op zoek naar Rotterdamse fotografen die iets speciaals hebben, beetje vaag uitgedrukt, waarschijnlijk komt het er op neer dat ik van mijn eigen smaak uitga 😉 En die mensen probeer ik samen te krijgen in 1 groep. Misschien heb je interesse.” Wow! OK here’s a little translation: “I’ve just taken a look at your photos, amazing, beautiful colors, great impact, nice lighting! Ok, I’ve set up a group and am looking for Rotterdam photographers that have something special, I’m expressing myself a bit vaguely, but basically I’m following my own taste. And I’m trying to get these people together in one group. Maybe you’re interested.”

Geez, I’m overwhelmed with these compliments! But to leave you not with words but with photos, here’s two I made for my fashionphotography course.


Een gedachte over “Compliments

  1. Kimberly Gauthier Photography, Portrait Photography zegt:

    LOL – I’m a huge fan. Of course. You got me and my friends hoppin’ on Facebook and we’re all fired up for Project 365. Two of my friends have already taken their self portraits for the day. I’m taking my first one this weekend.

    I think it’s hilarious how the internet brings us all closer together. What’s photography with the other photographers out there to inspire us?

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