Loving it

Wednesdays are my days off, and usually they’re packed with loads of things: the mandatory household-to-do’s, drinking coffee with people, having lunch, my fashionphotography course, all sorts of things I want to get done and don’t have the time for on other days. But today my agenda was totally empty (except for my fashionphotography class at 5.30h) and I decided I was totally going to spend my time on photography today. You see, I just love doing it, I love reading about it, I love spending time on editing and learning new things, but most of my days I just have to squeeze it in. But not today, oh no! I had bought all these books recently, I’ve got a couple of magazines I want to read, and I just really really wanted to go outside again.

Unfortunately, it has been raining the whole day. I wish it would go away but since it didn’t and since I really wanted to go outside, I just went. I had this great area in mind where I had seen some beautiful industry to shoot, so that’s where I went. On my way I saw Noah’s arc and since I had been curious for ages, I decided to just pop in out of curiosity. I didn’t have enough money for me to pay the entrancefee, so I just had a little chat with the owner Aad Peters. Just as I was about to leave, I thought about my 100 strangers project. I hadn’t photographed any stranger for months now, so I took my chance and asked him. He was fine with it, so he’s my stranger #4! Already I was happy that despite the rain, I did go outside, because I had found a new stranger to photograph, hooray!

After that I went on to the spot I wanted to shoot, with my new 8-16mm lens. It wasn’t as beautiful as before because obviously it was cloudy and raining. So after about an hour I called it a day, but not before I took my first 365 selfportrait outside. I’m quite happy with how that one turned out, it’s so different from the ones I take in my safe environment inside my home!

As soon as I came home I dried off everything (note to self: must get a raincover soon! And while we’re at it, get a remote control as well, that’s quite a handy tool for my selfportraits!) and started editing my photos. And now I’m all finished, and I can cuddle up under my duvet and read all my photography magazines. Yay!

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