Selling my art

I’m exploring ways to make money with what I love most, photography (duh), and I came across a whole lotta websites where you can sell your art. There’s so many, I had to start somewhere, so I started at Imagekind. Unfortunately it takes ages to upload your work (with Windows you can upload a whole bunch at the same time, but I have a Mac so it’s one by one, which requires a lot of patience) so after hours I’ve got 14 pics up. I’ll continue later on, but at least I’ve made a start. Gotta start somewhere! Other sites I want to explore are Photoshelter, Red Bubble and Etsy (which is more of a crafts site but that’s ok). We’ll see. I don’t expect to pay my mortgage with what I make on those websites, but every little bit helps. And what’s greater than knowing people like what you do and want to buy it?

So, what’ya waiting for, go check out my Imagekind page and buy that stuff! Or mail me if you’ve seen other work on my Flickr and are interested in buying something else. Thanks!

2 gedachtes over “Selling my art

  1. rrrauw zegt:

    I want to start with free websites as well (Photoshelter isn’t so I’ll put that on hold until I’m really making money), if things go really well I can always go on to paid websites. I kinda think that only us photographers (the sellers) know about these websites, and that our potential customers (the buyers) don’t really know where they buy beautiful photopgraphs. I think word of mouth and an actual gallery in your city are better ways to sell yourself. But then, how do you get an exhibition???
    But for now, we’ll just see how it goes.

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