Last Saturday I had a whole day of shooting fashion for the photographyclass I’m following. Pretty exciting and fun, and I was completely knackered afterwards. But very happy with everything I had learned! Like: always always always check the basics (after about 40 pics my teacher asked ‘why are you shooting with 800 iso?’… oops, forgot to put it back on 200…), and: make a plan (we were sort of running around in chaos because we had no idea what we wanted to do until we were actually doing it). And I’ve found out I’m an intuitive photographer. I thought I was just being me because I’m scared of technical things, I like to do things simple and easy, work with what I have, and I’m not great in strategies and difficulties, and someone complimented me on being such an intuitive photographer. Sounds much better doesn’t it?

I’ve taken so many pictures but I’d like to show you two I’m most happy with. The dress is absolutely fabulous, I’m totally in love with it. It’s by Moi Aussi (Svetlana Audema) and you can see more of here designs in her Etsy shop. She’s cool, I’d say watch her stuff! And actually it made me want to go home and get out my sewingmachine again. I’ve been having these great creative ideas for sometime, to make cute little bags with beautiful fabrics (which I had already bought some time ago but then didn’t have the actual time to go do something with it), and when I looked around on her blog and site it made me want to go home and work out on all my little plans again! I love it when people or things have that effect on you.

So, goodbye for now, I’m off to work on my creative ideas!

Een gedachte over “Fashion

  1. Svetlana Audema zegt:

    thank you very much for sharing your beautifull works and delightful compliments about my work. It is so encouraging to hear that artistic person like you is spontaneously inspired to make a couture after just reading my blog.
    I had a chance to work with you! Thank you to value my creation with your superb photos

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