Painting with light

Last year in photography class, our teacher showed us this photo (apparently we’re not the only photoclass which got this as an example, they use this photo as educational material everywhere!) and helped us with getting our own ‘painting with light’ photos. That was fun, all done professionally in a studio, with flash and stuff. The result was pretty cool!

Since I’ve been too busy and too stressed out lately to be very creative for my 365 project, my photos from the past week have been rather dull. So, I thought, it’s Saturday, let’s do something different! OK, I was supposed to be at a debate right now, organized by my political party, but since I feel a fever coming up I decided it would be better to stay at home. And what better way to spend my time than to play with light? Of course, I don’t have a professional studio at home, I don’t even have a flash (if anyone has a SB-800 for Nikon and would like to get rid of it, give me a call! Of course SB-900 is fine too.), so I had to be very DIY about it. That’s fine though, I like DIY photography! So the result isn’t exactly a Picasso painting with light, but that’s ok, I had fun trying it out and the result makes me smile and that’s the most important thing!

And now I’ll crawl under my duvet and do some lovely reading, so that I’ll be all fit and healthy again tomorrow when I go on urban safari with my friends from my D4 photoclub! Yay!

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