The Sartorialist

I’m probably hopelessly behind when I say I’ve only discovered the blog of the Sartorialist today, but heck, one can’t know everything all the time right? So I checked out some of the archives, liked many things I saw, disliked other things I saw, and read some interesting comments on The New York Times about his work. Some people seem to idealize this man, others criticize what he does (like he does the same thing all the time, his work was much more pure five years ago, the woman in his photos are always thin, that kind of stuff) and that’s always interesting to read.

There’s also a short documentary on him in which I think he’s a bit pretentious (but then, alle creative people who talk about their work seem pretentious to me, like when I went to artschool and people suddenly had to talk about why they did things they way they did it, and they made up all these interesting stories full of philosophical crap and difficult words… Dislike!) and in the end you discover it’s not just some cute little documentary but an Intel commercial. Yuk. Anyway, that’s all beside the point, and I think the fever is making me write non-logical sentences…

Thing is, there’s some interesting photos on his site, and I always like looking at other people’s work, so that’s the reason I’d share it with you. So there you go!

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