Bye bye baby

I’m totally handicapped now.

My iBook is dead, I think it’s really, really dead. Well, the connector anyway. I don’t see any light when I plug in the adaptor, and no adaptor means no power for this baby since the battery is so old (I think my iBook’s about five years old now) it only works on its own for 10 minutes or so.

I am TOTALLY handicapped now, there’s no way I can live without my iBook! Good thing the bf’s at work today and it’s my day off, but I don’t know how long I can pull it off to distract him from his macbook. I guess there’s really no other solution than to start looking around for an affordable alternative. There’s no way that I can afford a new mac (face it people, the cheapest macs are too small, too slow, and too not-good-enough-for-what-I-need-it-for), and secondhands mac are still more expensive than new non-mac laptops. So, I fear there’s nothing else to do but dive into the world of the Windows (ouch ouch, don’t hit me, I know it sucks and I’d rather not say those words either!) and get a cheaper laptop. It would be great if I could get something around 500 euros that has a big screen and works fast and stuff. Well, I know what I’m going to do the rest of the day: search the internet for laptops. Sigh.

5 gedachtes over “Bye bye baby

  1. rhmttsdrupal zegt:

    But a new, low-specced macbook is still way, way faster than the five year old ibook that worked fine until now.

    That said: windows notebooks for 500 euros are available. They’re not good, but mostly good enough. And way, way faster than the five year old ibook that worked fine until now.

  2. rrrauw zegt:

    Oh boy, even a snail is way, way faster than my iBook! So yes, you’re absolutely right, but the cheapest mac is 13 inch (and around 1000 euros) and I now want to upgrade to 15 inch, and the cheapest 15-inch starts at something like 1750 euros. So unless you’re going to give it to me as a birthdaypresent….
    Although I love those glossy white and pink Sony Vaio’s, the affordable ones are 14 inch so now I’ve got my eye on an Acer which is 519 (with the knowledge that everything works better than my iBook). It’ll get me through at least 2 years I think, that’s fine. But I only checked the internet, I’ll go to a shop soon and actually see what those things look and feel like in real life.

  3. rhmttsdrupal zegt:

    Dell isn’t bad either and has some affordable stuff.

    My work laptop is a 14″ latitude and it’s fairly sturdy.

    BTW: I hear Bad Things about Vaio (underspecced for what they cost).

    Anyway: good luck with your search and no, I’m not buying you a mac pro 😛

  4. rrrauw zegt:

    Well I’ve ordered a glossy pink Sony Vaio (sorry brother, you know I appreciate your advice but then I am too stubborn and always go my own way), I’ll probably get it delivered tomorrow or Monday. Was a good bargain, it’s in store everywhere for 750 euros, I got it for 600, and since I get my tax back (being an entrepreneur and all) it’ll only cost me 500. Yay. It’s twice as cheap as the smallest Mac but it’s got a harddisk twice the size, it’s got a better processor, and it’s all cute ‘n’ pink 😉
    Most importantly though, I can’t wait to be fully equiped again. I feel too handicapped without a computer (and having to type this at work is obviously illegal too 😉 )!

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