It’s almost half past nine in the morning on a weekday and I’m still in bed (because it’s my day off and so I can), listening to the beautiful music by Agnes Obel, and looking at my awesome new pink glossy Sony Vaio. I’m very happy to have a laptop again, but damn, that Windows really needs getting used to. I miss my mac, the simpleness of it. But couldn’t afford a new one so I’d better stop whining and figure out how this new laptop works (I’m also constantly hitting wrong buttons, very annoying).

Apart from that whole system (there are so many folders pre-installed, I have no clue where I can find my stuff) I also have to get used to a new screen and new colors and presets. Ok, one of the first things I did was my own calibration (don’t trust  the presets there) but I’m not sure that the way I see my photos now is the way they are supposed to be. Did some editing yesterday as I had some catching up to do, but it feels like there’s less contrast in this screen compared to my iBook… So I hope that for other people my photos haven’t gone completely over-contrasted because my screen is too, err, contrast-less. Or whatever that word is. I guess I’ll just get some photos edited and off to a proper printer like Profotonet to see if they match.

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