There are two sides to me: one side hates to be in the spotlight, is very happy tucked away in a corner, doing her thing (that’s why I became the producer and not the presenter) and prefers not to be noticed by others. This part is fuelled by insecurity I guess. The other part is a sucker for attention, loves nothing more than performing and entertaining (which is why I always wished I was the presenter) and being out there. Both parts were present today when this photographer was taking pictures of me for the Stadswerker, which is our company’s weekly paper and which happens to have chosen me as their new columnwriter, oh yeah! (And the company I work for is no regular company, oh no, I work for the beautiful city of Rotterdam and have around 13.000 colleagues, so that’s 13.000 potential readers. Oh my!) I don’t like being photographed, which is why I’m a photographer myself, but seeing the results on his little Canonscreen made me very pleased and made it less awkward for me. Heck, I even thought to myself ‘wow, you are really nice! Don’t be shy about it!’, which is a thought that doesn’t usually cross my mind. Most importantly, on a very serious note, I actually thought ‘yes, I am worth it’ which was quite a revelation I can tell you.

And so, as I was feeling very positive about myself and about the world, as I was walking home I stopped in front of an empty store and just loved the words on the window so much that I wanted to take today’s selfportrait right there. You see, I love pictures, I’m very visual, but (and that is why I applied for the vacancy of column writer) I also love words. Words are beautiful things, and come to think of it, words can be visually very interesting too, so everything came together right there at that window. It’s Dutch sentence but it’s incomplete and because that’s all it said on the window I don’t even know what it means in Dutch, let alone that I can translate it for you. But that’s fine, just look at the picture and appreciate it visually. And remember to be proud of yourself too!

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