I’m a photographer

Today I spent all day photographing at the Kunstbende, which is a national creative competition for kids, who can compete in things like music, theater, spoken word and dance. It’s awesome, seeing so many talented youngsters! One of the ladies of our photoclub works for the organization and asked us (me and the other photoclubber) to help her with photographing the event. We saw it more as a good excercise in eventphotography, being inside, in a theater, with little lighting and people moving quickly all the time. We didn’t really see ourselves as professionals portraying the whole thing. But as we were doing the awardceremony, I suddenly became appointed as the one who was taking portraits of the winners. At one point the host said to a winner: ‘and now go to the camera-lady to have your picture taken!’  Well, he said it many times but at a certain point I suddenly realised ‘oh my god, that’s how they see us, they really see us as photographers! This is real! We think we’re just doing this for fun, to learn, and become better at something we like doing, but all these people around us see us as real photographers!’. And honestly, that felt really awesome. I am a photographer. We are photographers. Yeah!

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