Happy accidents

Inspired by a conversation this morning, about wasting talent and now being the time to stop wasting it (it’s all to do with dreaming, fears, pressure, not being me; the usual I guess) I wanted to do something for today’s portrait that visualized that conversation. Something about stopping time, making changes, no longer closing my eyes to what I want, stop living up to people’s expectations. Something like that. So I took some pictures, planned on doing a splitscreen, and then I accidently did something in Photoshop which turned out to be not so bad after all.  I moved a duplicate background layer, which wasn’t my intention, and before I did ‘undo’ I looked at it and thought ‘hey, that’s actually pretty cool’! So, happy with my  little accident, I immediately abandoned my original idea and let this be today’s picture. Bye bye perfection, hello discoveries!

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