Yes, I write too!

I guess you could say I’m quite the creative type. I do photography, I make music, I paint, I can sew (although I do that not as much as I’d like to), I can knit and do crochet and I write. I wish I could make money doing these things, instead of work at an office, but that’s ok, my time will come. And to look at things from a positive perspective, ‘the glass is half full’ viewpoint: I’m now writing for our company’s weekly paper (ok, I only have to hand in my column once a month) and I do have a small photography assignment now and then. It’s a start, isn’t it? A great boost in the writingdepartment came earlier this year when I heard I was amongst the 20 best entries (extra egoboost: 280 people entered the competition!) for a writing competition called Toekomstschrijvers. Yesterday was the award ceremony, and unfortunately I didn’t win, but my story did end up in a book they published with the 20 best entries. And you can actually buy it too, so that’s pretty cool! I went up to one of the members of the  jury to hear what they thought of my story, so I know what I have to improve, and she said that my story was very good but it didn’t win because of the differences in taste among the members of the jury. Technically, there was nothing wrong with my writing so that was a great, great boost. So I’m going to keep up the good work (I actually joined a writersgroup to get more feedback on my writing) and maybe someday I will actually become a real writer. Live the dream, baby!

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