What a beautiful day

Didn’t exactly woke up to rise and shine, but a couple of hours down the line and this day seems to be turning out alright after all. Phew. Had to return overdue books to the library (well, the fine was only 80 cents so I doubt I’ve actually learned to be more on time the next time) and as I was walking -walking is the new cycling, oh yes!- through the city I managed to take some pictures for our D4 photoclub theme Roots. I’m not convinced they’ll actually make it into the final selection but we’ll see. It’s a work in progress at this moment.

Although I used to be great at shopping I haven’t done any real shopping for months (months? I think it’s been a year!) and I’ve actually grown to slightly dislike doing it. Interesting how things change when you get older… Anyway, while I was taking photos I was walking past a shop and just decided to go in, check it out. An hour later I stepped outside with two new jeans, a couple of shirts and vests, two belts, and a smile on my face. Now I can finally throw out those faded clothes, the stuff with holes in it, stuff that just doesn’t fit anymore but for lack of better still remains in my closet. No more! Hello new clothes, hello happiness! Yes, sometimes a shallow thing like shopping (or rather the result of it)  is just what you need to feel better.

Then I did some groceries, voted and went home to have a lovely little lunch on my balcony, with the sun on my face. Wow. Hello spring, so glad to see you made it! Even my cats are happy about it, they’re all rolling around and going mad outside. Wonderful!

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