Chicks on a mission

My feet and fingertips are slowly starting to become warm again… I had a great time out in the dark with my dear friends from the D4 Photography Collective but it was freezing, so incredibly cold! I had lots of fun though, it really felt like playing outside like little kids do, only we have cameras in our hands and try do something nice with them. I never do much photography in the evening when it’s dark so it was cool to learn and play around with aperture, bokeh (although I didn’t really succeed on that) and shutterspeed. I love our urban safari’s.

Speaking of urban safari’s, I’ve updated and restyled my website. I’ve written more information about myself and about what I can do for people who want to hire me. And I’ve added information about the urban safari’s I’m organizing! I figured, since I’m enjoying them so much myself, why not organize educational safari’s so I can combine showing people interesting spots to photograph with teaching them more about photography? I’m pretty excited about it, I hope others are too. So please spread the word, check out my website and sign up for a safari! There are three themes: harbor, city and nature. Something for everyone, I should think. Hope to see you at one of my safari’s!

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