Build a rocket boys!

Alright, I’ll admit, things haven’t been amazing lately and it’s wearing me out. Big things that I don’t have control over, however desperately I try. I’m not a quitter and I always keep on fighting, simply because giving up isn’t an option. I have to keep dreaming and believing, there’s so much sun behind those clouds, but sometimes it’s hard to believe that’s really true.

But sometimes things happen and then you realize that if not to yourself, you owe it to those who (are about to) die too soon to get the most out of life. Then you hear beautiful songs which make you cry, and you do things just because you really like doing them, and you know things can be different, and you realize that living your life is what really matters and you get yourself together and try to make something of it.

“Do they know those days are golden?
Build a rocket boys!
Build a rocket boys!”
Elbow – Lippy kids

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