Fashionphotographer at work

A while back I took a fashionphotography-course. It was a short course, only eight classes, and some of us decided we wanted to continue seeing eachother and keep shooting to become better at it. So today we arranged a shoot, and luckily one of us has two beautiful daughters who like posing. It wasn’t my most creative day for some reason, so it was difficult to think of cool poses, see opportunities in the location we were at and to give good directions. Still, I think I’ve got some good shots which I’ll post here later on. But once again we were reminded that fashionphotography ain’t easy! However, it’s good to challenge yourself so I hope we keep getting together and that we keep trying!

Oh yes, that reminds me: our teacher gave us lots of names of fashionphotographers (and not just Annie Leibovitz and Mario Testino), and although I wrote it all down I never looked them up again. Must do that soon.

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