Playing around

Sitting in bed, wanting to vomit all day and being extremely tired means I’ve got all the time in the world to play around with Photoshop. So for yesterday’s selfportrait I played around with levels and colorbalance to, for once, not get the levels correct but overdo them greatly for an arty-farty effect. For today’s selfportrait I used a trick I accidently learned earlier and put two photos on top of each other, messed around with the levels a little bit, and voila, another arty-farty portrait! OK so I’m not in the best state to actually really enjoy what I was doing but it’s fun to play around with Photoshop a bit more. It’s not just there as a tool to make my work perfect, I can also use it as a tool to make my work more art.

Talking about art, here’s some cool stopmotion-stuff for you to look at. It reminded me of my application for artschool ‘back in the day’ (2003). I didn’t quite have the proper tools to do it perfectly so I had to improvise and make do with what I had.  I made a very short ‘movie’ (now I know that’s stopmotion!) where I put all these pictures of myself, my travels and my neighborhood after another and added something like Manu Chao to make it complete. I liked it and I think they did too, as I got enrolled. I never made a ‘movie’ like that ever again, but seeing this guy’s work really makes me want to do it again. Who knows, when I’ve got some free time on my hands…?

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