Not-perfect is fun!

Just like taking photos with my Diana mini is fun, I’ve realized that playing around with Photoshop to make photos not-perfect is fun too! Up until recently, I’ve been using Photoshop very carefully to make my photos better than the way they were when they came out of my camera. I adjusted the levels to make it perfect, added a bit more vibrance to the colors, or desaturated the whole lot for an artistic desaturated look, made it black and white if that made it better, cropped a bit here and there… But I’ve seen that letting go, messing about, trying things I’d normally not do can have great results! Shifting the levels way more than is neccesary creates a cool effect, and in today’s photo I mixed that with digital crossprocessing, ét voilà, I’m a very happy artistic photography-girl! Of course this is a very wise lesson for the rest of my life (you know, the lesson about letting go, playing around, having fun) but I don’t want to bore you with that right now. I just wanted to show you how much fun photography can be. So go outside, feel the sunshine and have a little fun!

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