Walking and learning

The doctor has ordered me to take some rest, and well, to be honest, I had figured that out myself too. Rest doesn’t only mean ‘sit in bed and do nothing’ but it also (or mainly) means clearing my head and letting go. A great way for me to let go is to go outside and walk. Just walk, and have my camera with me just in case I see something I want to photograph. Walk, meditate actively (with that I mean that I’m very conscious about my surroundings and about how it feels to walk, if you know what I mean), walk more, photograph, see things, hear things and basically just enjoy life as it is.

I love walking in the harbor, on the riverside, in the park, it’s all beautiful and soothing. And being outside is a great excuse to take my selfportraits for once not indoors. So today’s selfportrait is made in Leuvehaven, a beautiful little old harbor in the citycenter of Rotterdam. And as I was playing around in Photoshop, once again, with levels and curves, suddenly I realised I had finally managed to give my photo that fashion-romantic-aged look I had always wanted to achieve! Well what a coincidence! And how freaky: after trying so hard for a long time, the moment I let go and just play around, I achieve what I’ve been trying so hard to achieve. Lesson learned, I should think…

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