Little kids playing in the park downtown

This morning I had my first photoshoot with little kids. I’ve done kids before, well, not so much kids, more: youth. OK, let’s start over. I’ve done youngsters before, but they were stuck in a classroom taking part in a workshop, so they couln’t actually go anywhere, and they were busy with their work. But this morning was something else I can tell you! A colleague of mine wanted a portrait of her two kids who are absolutely adorable and cute. We went to the park and while she made sure they kept away from the water, I ran after them to take pictures. Little tricks like ‘go give your sister this flower’ and ‘show me your train, that’s such a cool train!’ worked for about two seconds, and then they ran away again, seperate ways.

It was fun but also very tiring. I’m happy my colleague didn’t want stiff studio portraits, where they sit still and have to be brave. I wouldn’t have a clue how to have kept them in the same spot for so long! So the park was perfect, even though it meant I had to run around myself all the time. I’ve learned a lot though, which is always a good thing. Of course you have to get the kids to trust you and to have them not be scared. That went ok, I think. I’ve also learned that it takes more time than I thought. I thought the kids would be bored after half an hour, but in fact it’s only after half an hour that they started to relax more, probably because they got a bit tired after all that excitement. Although I still have to sort out the photos I think the best shots are in the second half hour, when they were happily sitting on a bench, eating their raisins and smiling a lot more. In fact, it’s when they (I think) thought it was over, that I made the best photos. In that way it’s a bit like journalism. Once you turn the recorder or camera off, the person being interviewed gets relaxed and only then starts telling you what you really wanted to know all along.

I guess the best lesson I learned today is to be patient, very patient, and not think it’s over (in other words: keep focused and camera in hand) until it’s really over and I’m on my way home.

(By the way, the title of this post is taken from Kings of Convenience, and here’s an awesome remix by Ladytron for you to enjoy.)

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