Fill your eyes with love

Yesterday I once again realised how extremely wonderful my live actually is. With 311 others I was in (an extremely hot) Westerliefde, looking at and listening to one of the most beautiful bands around. Elbow played an exclusive showcase for 3voor12 and I had won tickets which was really great news obviously. They nearly brought me to tears three times. The music was amazing, the moment so magical, the stories Guy Garvey told were very funny and, at the risk of sounding sentimental, I just felt so very, very grateful for all these beautiful things.

I can’t believe I actually forgot to bring my camera though, I had been in such a rush to get over there after work. Thank god for K’s iPhone, it saved the day! And just in time before the midnight curfew I was able to take my selfportrait in the train back home. Phew.

And to stay in the positivity and gratefulnessmode a bit more: At the end of this month I’m spending two nights in a lovely bed&breakfast in Den Bosch (yes, again) with my love because I had won a competition with one of my photos, and at the end of June I’m going to visit my dearest friend and best drummerboy in the world, to not only enjoy Berlin immensely but also to see him perform with his new bands. Want to get in the happy mood too? Check out this great video. He’s the guy with the grey/black vest. Oh yeah!

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