In spite of what my name suggests (rrrauw means raw, but then with three r’s) I never put a photo on the web without doing something with it in Photoshop. Funnily enough, up until maybe a year ago I hardly ever edited my photos, but since I’ve discovered that Photoshop can actually help me to enhance my photos I can’t do without it. It’s not always that much though. Especially photos that I do as assignments like for Theatergroep Siberia just get levels touch-ups and maybe some vibrance and extra contrast. When I want to play around and experiment, then I do more drastic things, like extreme levels touch-ups, and playing around with curves (colors) and selective colors. It’s a bit like painting with photos, so that’s fun.

Recently I’ve made two selfportraits (remember, you can see the whole lot here!) of which I decided to leave them just as they are. OK, so that’s not 100% true, but apart from a teeny tiny little bit more contrast and a teeny tiny little bit more vibrance in the colors, I’ve left them just as they came out of the camera. And I didn’t feel bad about it all all. After all, these photos really show me as I am. Pure, raw and completely honest. That’s not to say that all the other photos in the project don’t show me as I am. In fact, I really see this project as a sort of diary, it’s cool to see all the faces I had every day! But cool as it is, of course I always try to make myself look nicer than I might actually be. You know, spots that suddenly disappear, and such. So a pure, real and honest photo is rare. But yeah, honesty, I like it.

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