As part of the Happiness Project (yes, I’m still doing that, although not as much as I’d like to) I’ve been working on a real-life photo-album all evening. Real-life as in ‘not online’. Things that make me happy are happy memories, and I have lots of happy memories and I should recall them more often. But the problem is, if they’re stored in my head or on the computer, I just don’t access them as much as I would like to. So this videopost inspired me to make a real photoalbum of my happy memories and tonight I’ve been working on my amazing holiday in the Scottish Highlands last August.

It’s a lot of work as I’ve only now come to actually designing the album. The rest of the evening I was busy sorting out the photos, deciding which ones should be in there. After all, I can’t put all 400 in there! But it’s fun though, and all the happy memories come back when I go through the photos. The beautiful landscapes, the laughs we had, the people we couldn’t understand (at some point I actually started to doubt my English-speaking-abilities….), the whiskey we tasted, the scary big cows we saw, the mountains we climbed, the rain, the sun, the walking we did because the bus only went on Fridays in the odd weeks (true story!) and Arnaboll. Sigh. Good memories.

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