Oh my god, I can’t believe what I just did…

I had made a backup of my photos (as I do, on an external harddrive), and then I formatted my SD-card so I have plenty of space for tomorrow when I go to the Dunya festival. I’ll be there to take pictures with my dear friends from the D4 photocollective, but PvdA (my political party) has asked me to take photos of their stand as well. Anyway, so I formatted my card. And then I thought ‘oh yeah, let’s post my pictures of the delicious little raspberry-pie I made yesterday’ and I opened the side of my camera to take out the card. Which, oh yeah, I had just formatted.

I cannot believe I just did that! I’m always so very careful! I can only be eternally grateful that it was only a couple of photos of the (yes people, very delicious) raspberry-pie, even though I’m a bit sad because they were quite cute pictures of the pie and I was quite proud of it. Sigh. Lesson learned. Big time. I’ll just go make the pie again, it’s the least I can do…

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