At the risk of being frowned upon by the people I work for: I love being AWOL. Well, honestly, I wasn’t AWOL as such since I’d told them I was away for a few days, but being away when everybody else is working always feels like AWOL, a feeling I actually like very much. I spent three lovely days in Den Bosch, which I think is my favorite city in the province of Noord-Brabant. It’s small but there’s plenty to do, eat, drink, see and shop. It’s a city (albeit small) but an old one, but in five minutes you can walk around in the beautiful green of the Bossche Broek. If I had to move tomorrow, this is where I’d go.

Of course one has to sleep somewhere when visiting another town, and we stayed in the beautiful bed&breakfast The Bossche Beul, run by the awfully nice Rozalinda. She took very good care of us! If you ever go to Den Bosch and need a place to stay, please go to her B&B. I liked it so much in fact that it made me want to go run a B&B. A feeling which’ll pass, I know, don’t worry.

So as I’m enjoying the Rotterdam sun now, I’ll leave you with some pictures, to convince you to go too.

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