Hello harbor

I love boats. There’s something mysterious and magical about them and that just fascinates me. I love how big they can be and it amazes me how something that big can just float (I know, I know, it’s all so logical but it still makes me go ‘wow, I can’t believe it actually works!’). I love their smell and I find it fascinating that boats all over the world smell exactly the same (yes, I know that there is a very simple explanation) and it really reminds me of the old days. And I love anything that reminds me of the old days. Also, I love the stories I can make up about where they’ve been and what they carry with them, and it reminds me of how my entire life was actually carried on a boat from Indonesia to the Netherlands once. Just like that.

So I guess if I love boats so much, I must live in the perfect city then!

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