The new fashion photographer in town

Oh dear, James Franco… He’s, well, you know, quite attractive. And a good actor too (just saw 127 Hours this week. Yikes!). Now he’s tried his hand at fashionphotography, and I’m not sure what to think of it. Here’s some of my thoughts:
– almost always, anything looks better in black and white. See the difference in the photographs which are in color, I know they’re meant to be poorer quality, but everything is just less about them.
– If the model is great then the photographer can’t really screw up. Geez, if you give me Agyness Deyn, then I’d have great material too! The photos aren’t special at all, it’s the model that makes them interesting.
– If you know how to work it, anything looks better with that old camera he (supposedly) uses. There’s just more warmth and atmosphere in analog photos.

So yes, I think the photos are nice to look at, but let’s be honest here: if it wasn’t James Franco who shot them, they’d never make it into a magazine. I wish I was a celebrity, then I’d be able to do these kinds of assignments too. Ok well, honestly, maybe not; I’d rather be taken seriously as a photographer because I’m actually good at it. But it is frustrating sometimes, that people are hailed as ‘the new photographer in town’ just because they’re famous. It’s not fair, but then, life is just not fair, so I’d better not get too upset about it. I’ll just do my thing and if people like it, that’s great, if they don’t, then they just don’t.

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