Last day at work

It’s my last day at work for this job and I’m so happy about what’s coming up that I thought it’d be nice to take my picture of the day at my office. In the photo I’m crossing off things of my to-do list to the point that it’s all crossed off and there was nothing left to do but drink with my colleagues and get a very delicious little present from Lush. Yummy! Thank you kind colleagues!

So now I’ve got two weeks of doing nothing (well, nothing, there’s lots of things on my list, but they’re all fun). And we’re going to Berlin next Friday so obviously I’m really looking forward to that. And after that? I’m finally going to do what I always wanted to do: write write write write write. I’m going to be an editor at the Communications department of this municipality. Yay, I’m so happy! It’s what I love doing, it’s what I’m good at, it’s what I enjoy, and the funny thing is: everybody says it’s such a logical step for me to take. So I’m happy for me and it feels great that others are happy for me to. Thank you for the support! Now I can really combine my love for words with my love for visuals.

But first things first: free time! Otherwise known as: ME time! Yay!

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