Gosh I’m so psyched!

I’m a subscriber to a couple of photography magazines, but I’m always hopelessly behind in actually reading them. So yesterday I was reading an old Fotografie when I saw their competition on The Muse. Then I remembered that I had entered, but I had totally forgotten about it. So I took the new issue of Fotografie, the June edition, still in plastic wrap on my table, to see who had won.

So guess what totally took me by surprise? Page 13, second prize: Me! One of my selfportraits was printed on page 13! I was so excited about it obviously, I couldn’t believe I had won 2nd prize in a competition, with my 365 project! It’s such a great boost, not only for me as a photographer in general, but for my project as well. I mean, I do it for myself and it’s fun and it’s nice to get positive reactions on Flickr, but to actually win something with it… Wow. The jury wrote “Very interesting: every day one selfportrait. We chose this photo because of the beautiful pose, the happy feel to it and the beautiful monochrome colors.” (In Dutch: “Een boeiend gegeven; elke dag een zelfportret. Wij kozen voor deze foto vanwege de mooie houding, vrolijke uitstraling en mooie monochrome kleuren.”)

It’s definitely a great motivation for me to keep doing what I’m doing!

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