Ich bin ein Berliner

While the heat in this city is currently unbearable, I’m inside, scanning my Diana mini film and sorting out my 365 photos from the past couple of days. You see, I was in Berlin, and I think I can safely say I had the best four days of 2011 (so far). Even though you don’t need a specific reason to go to Berlin, my trip did have a purpose: to see my dearest friend R play live with his two bands Tipps für Wilhelm and Sebastian Block. The latter had his cd-presentation. It was awesome to spend Saturdaynight in the cool Privatclub in Kreuzberg (which, incidently, is the area where my friend lives and where we had rented a great appartment) but of course we did much more than that.

We ate delicious Tibetan food, drank caipirinhas on the Bergmanstrasse, were very impressed by the Jüdisches Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind, admired the fernsehturm safely from the ground, ate chocolate-chili icecream, checked out all the modern architecture around Potsdamer Platz, drank kaffee and ate kuche, walked, walked, walked and enjoyed living like a Berliner. I say this particularly because much more than the last time I went, I actually felt like being home. My friends R and N both tell me I just should come over and live there, and I always say ‘yeah, sure, why not!’ and then never do it because of thousands of reasons. But today (we arrived late last night) I really, really didn’t understand at all what I was doing here in Rotterdam. It might be the awful weather too, but I didn’t feel like doing anything at all that vaguely resembled my normal life. I just wanted to be there, live the Berlin life!

But I’m not there, so I’ll just have to get over it and pick up the normal Rotterdam life again. Thank god for photos (taken with my Diana mini, by the way).

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