Lucky shot

Sometimes everything just comes together and gives you that ‘wow’ feeling, that ‘oh my god I can’t believe this!’ feeling.

I was on harbor safari with the D4 Photocollective, just cruising through the harbor, enjoying the occasional sun, the boats, the water, but not really doing much photography. Then we drank a cup of tea at the Onderzeebootloods (and had this guy come up to me and say ‘you’re Rivka! From Flickr! I recognize you from your 365 project!’ which was fun) and started walking around in there. I was fooling around a little bit, (as always) a bit scared to take a selfportrait in public. So I casually put down my camera on a table, stood in front of it, sort of wiggled about, and walked back to see what the result was. When I saw the photo I just jumped for joy, I couldn’t believe the luck I just had! The sun came through the windows which brought on some beautiful light, and I was right in the middle of it, sort of by accident (ok duh, I know not to stand in the dark if I want to be seen). Everything was so perfect about  this, I was so incredibly happy with this shot!

When I came home and viewed it on my laptop, I decided to keep the photo just as it was. No adjustments, no enhancements, no extra vibrance in the color, no extra contrast. It’s a reminder that good photos should be shot as good photos, not become good photos because Photoshop can make them better. Because, to be honest, I sometimes I fear that I can no longer enjoy photos just as they are, but that I always feel the need to enhance them in Photoshop. Of course I can make this photo better too, brighten up the blue container and the green bin, and maybe lighten up my face a bit more, throw in a bit more contrast. But I don’t want to, because I want to force myself to enjoy this as it is, and feel the excitement I felt when I first saw it. Raw and pure.

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