Crazy Japanese stuff

This sweet lady gave me a nice little tip. She wanted to know if I’d checked out this site by the Japanese artist Fukimo Imano. Gosh, just here name makes me excited already! I love Japanese stuff, these Japanese people are just awesome. I wish I was Japanese, I think it’d make my work even cooler. I mean, honestly, the quality of her photos isn’t exactly all that but I think that’s the whole secret: it’s so not-perfect it’s artisticly cool.

Oh yeah, and she has a blog too. It’s so oddly done, so imperfect that it’s great, I like it! Too bad I’m such a perfectionist, I could never be coolishly imperfect about my work. Or about anything I do, for that matter. But I’m glad there are people out there to do it for me, so I can be inspired and excited about all the imperfections in this world.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to keep doing what I do with my non-Japanese head (although many people here in the western world seem to think otherwise. I’ve been called Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian, and I’m actually none of the above.) and my so-non-Japanese-name which automatically lowers my coolness to a 6 instead of 10. But that’s ok, someday people will appreciate my art too and sponsor me so I have lots of money to have exhibitions too, and make books. That’d be great. Until that day comes, I’ll just do what I do and keep dreaming (and no, I’m honestly not being sarcastic here! I really, really love dreaming!)!

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