I have to move it, move it!

I am going mad, I’m telling you.

I sprained my ankle last Thursday, and since then I’ve not been able to move around much and it’s driving me crazy. Well, I have crutches so I can walk to work and stuff, but except for the occasional visit to the toilet and to the coffeemachine, I’m just sitting on my ass all day with my leg up. I’m not so much in pain, it’s more like a nagging feeling. And I think it’s spreading to the rest of my body, even to my brain. I just feel lousy, tired and ‘blegh’ all day.

Even though some people think I’m this really quiet and calm person, I actually need to move around a lot, it’s just something in my body that makes me unable to sit still for too long. And now, I’m sitting still, all day long, and when I come home, I sit still all night long too. Yes, I can walk, but it’s very tiring, these crutches don’t exactly make it a lot easier. So I walk, but I can’t work out, I can’t run, I can’t go to the supermarket quickly to get something I need, I can’t run to catch a tram, I can’t wiggle about like I usually do, I can’t go places and photograph, I can’t even stand up and play the bassguitar normally.

I know there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it so it’s a great lesson in patience and letting go… but man, I don’t know how much longer I can cope with staying calm about sitting still all day long! Which is why, for today’s selfportait, I chose to show you me being utterly bored, checking Twitter for the millionth time, and not knowing what to do with myself. Ah well, I’ll be fine and back to my old self soon enough. I hope.

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