Before and after

Yesterday I went to Hoek van Holland to take some pictures for the camp site magazine. My colleague did the interviews, I took the photos. Because I don’t have Photoshop at the office, I’m working at home today to edit them a bit. Some photos that I took inside needed some level-touch-ups, but only partly (like only the upper half of the photo).

After my visit to the physiotherapist, on my way home, I sat down for a little while to look at the beautiful view. And to get over the fact that my recovery is going to take four to six weeks, and there’s nothing I can do about it but accept it and take it easy (yes, he had to do some preaching about acceptance and that me thinking that I’m taking it easy, is nowhere near the ‘taking it easy’ my ankle really needs!). I thought it was a great place to make my daily selfportrait. When I got home I played around a bit with the levels, and suddenly realised that what I did with the camp site photos, I could also do with this photo. Touch up the levels, but differently for each part of the photo. For some reason I never thought about treating different parts of a photo in different ways. Well, ok, I ‘ve done it a few times before, but not drastically. Not like the way I played around now. It was fun and gave a great result! I think I’ll try more of this now. And for educational purposes, I’ll show the end-result (left) and the original photo (right). A before and after!

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