The fun lifestyle

It’s been quiet here for a while, I know (that is, if you consider six days ‘a while’). I’m not exactly sure why I haven’t been around here. Just, things, I guess. For one, this ankle is tiring me out. Tearing your ligaments ain’t no fun, I can tell you. But I’m not complaining, it’s part of life and living it, I guess. And anyway, there’s nothing that won’t heal. It’s far better I have ankle-issues now, I wouldn’t want to walk around on my much-anticipated Indonesia trip on crutches!

Work’s been busy too, after a slow start. And you know, each day I find myself thinking ‘wow, I have the best job ever!’. Everytime I think it can’t get any better, it does! I started out ‘just’ with writing, which I love. Then they asked me to photograph. Wow, that’s even better! So I found myself making portraits of people I myself or a colleague had interviewed. Awesome! That meant I was doing two things I love, and get paid for it. Then earlier this week, a colleague asked me to make short films for the company (with her). What? That’s cool! Apparently there aren’t many people around who are are creative in a visual way. Oh, and who know how a videocamera and a Mac with iMovie works. So yeah, if you’re looking for someone like that, that would be me! And the cool thing is, she doesn’t want slick movies, no, she does this amazing stopmotion stuff which means I can play around with that as well, again. I love playing around like that, gets my creative juices flowing!

So, apart from an injury which was bound to happen sometime in my life, I’m doing amazingly well! On top of that, this week the Fisheye and Supersampler arrived. Something to play around with too, as I still absolutely love the analogue lifestyle. Makes life fun, as if it wasn’t already fun enough!

(By the way, my Sunpak flash has arrived. Yikes, working with flash is much more difficult than I thought. I’ve tried it out, not so much to flash in someone’s face, but to brighten the photo as a whole. It’s hard though, I think I might need a crashcourse in flashing…)

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