Simplified pinhole magic

This is so awesome! I was reading about pinhole photography (like here, here and here, all in Dutch though. But this and this is in English!), and how you can make a tiny hole in your bodycap (buy a second one first though, otherwise your bodycap is useless) etc etc. Too much trouble right now, so I thought, impatient as I am, there must be an easier way for instant pinhole photography!

I took an old whiskeycarton (but can be anything obviously, doesn’t have to be an old whiskeybox), cut out a square slightly larger than the lensfitting and made a hole in it with a needle. Then I just took away the lens (don’t try this outside though, there’s way too much dust!) and just put the piece of cardboard in front of it. I could’ve used tape to make sure the cardboard wouldn’t go anywhere. Voila, simplified pinhole magic! I think I’m going to explore this a bit more! The Holga 35mm pinhole is still on my wishlist, unfortunately it’s out of stock and has been for a while…

(Obviously I didn’t enhance this photo in Photoshop, to show you the pure result of my little experiment!)

(Oh, and don’t ask why in heaven’s sake I’d go for vague, unsharp, dark photos when I have all the expensive things I need to make brilliant magnificent digital photos. If you have to ask, then you don’t understand the magic and the whole feel of old-fashioned DIY photography!)

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