Creative juices

I’m feeling very Sunday-like today. Doing some necessary household chores (washing dirty clothes, vacuuming), sitting in the sun (every minute of sun is like a blessing these days, it’s rare!) and catching up on my 365 project. And after all that, sitting back and enjoy watching the last season of The Wire and eating some well-deserved Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate.

It’s been a hectic week. Fun though, I definitely can’t complain! I mean, I’m still writing articles, interviewing people, but I’m also working on some short animations for a workshop that’s coming up. How cool is that? Then I’m trying to take a good picture for the frontpage of the Stadskrant, which is a weekly thing in the local paper we produce as the municipality (I write for that as well). And on top of that I’m designing a Boomerang card for the Stadsinitiatief, a major project this city wants to promote. I mean, imagine that, designing something that everyone gets to see!

So it’s been a crazy but creative week. I love getting my creative juices flowing!

Oh yeah, and I’d like you to see this girl’s 365 project. She’s just started, and I just love all the little stories she writes with her daily photos. It’s like a peek inside her life. It’s fun, reading her stories makes me smile!

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