Rain, rain, rain

What’s up with these Dutch summers? I can’t remember this much rain since, well, I lived in Indonesia…

After I came home very, very wet from being outside, working on the summer-assignment for our D4 Photocollective, I figured I deserved chocolate-peanuts and some nice magazine to read. So I bought Flow for the first time, a (I guess) mindfullnessmagazine. And while it’s still pouring outside, inside it’s warm and cozy and I’m reading some feelgood stories. I must say, the graphic design of the magazine is amazing too! I like it!

Oh and I registered for postcrossing after reading about it in Flow. I love receiving real mail, nothing beats opening your real-life mailbox and finding all sorts of things in it. It’s exciting, receiving postcards is like receiving presents! I love little unexpected surprises! And I love giving little things too, I like spending time on doing something for someone (I even think I like giving more than receiving!). So I registered and am about to send my first postcard to someone I don’t know at all! How exciting is that?


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