A little recap

I can’t believe it. I realised it is September 30th and that I had absolutely no clue what I have been doing this month. I actually had to look at my 365 project to see how my month has been. Not a good sign.

But. Let’s be positive and have a little recap. September 2011 was the month in which I:
– walked on high heels again, for the first time in ages
– booked a trip to Ibiza with my photographic friends
– got a very, very comfortable and cute Helly Kitty sweater. And no, I am not ashamed of it.
– had a great night out with my colleagues
– got the actual Boomerangcard in my hands, the card I designed for the Stadsinitiatief
– had a freelance filmjob
– went to Zeeland for a long weekend
– and got Bas Kosters for Zeeman stuff

Geez, I guess I’ve done an awful lot this month. Let’s make next month my month of awareness (or maybe mindfulness, whatever you want to call it). You know, that I’m actually aware of everything I do, so I won’t have to use my 365 project as a way to remind myself of my life.

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