A little bit of paradise

The light on the island of Ibiza (Spain) is just beautiful… I was there for a week, and none of my photos (although taken with a not-so-very-good compact camera and not with my DSLR) needed any adjustments. I now understand why so many fashionshoots are done on islands like this. Ok, well, there are other reasons of course. One of them: it’s like paradise! I couldn’t believe it! I had no expectations when I went there, and it just exceeded those non-expectations! I mean, I’ve been many places, seen many beautiful things on this planet, but this was such an unexpected surprise! The weather helped, obviously, as it was constantly around 25-27 degrees Celsius. The beaches helped, the sea helped, the company -I was with my friends from the D4 Photocollective- helped, the paella, the sangria, everything helped. I think I want to live there.

Anyway, my 365 project continued, so every day I took take a photo of myself, in the sun, on this island. Here are some highlights:

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