One quick look at my blog and one would think the only thing I do in the world is take pictures of myself. That’s not true. This morning, for example, I was at a school, photographing alderman Marco Florijn for the Stadskrant. I love assignments like that. I think that’s because I like schools, in my next life I must be a teacher, definitely. For the same weekly newspaper I did (amongst others) these two other assignments: a photo of the Nieuwe Binnenweg to accompany an article I wrote myself on the best street in this city; and a photo of Worm, a cultural venue which reopened recently.

This morning my editor in chief said she was so happy with me because I can do all these different things (write and photograph, in this case). Those remarks make me happy, obviously, but for another reason than just it being a compliment. In my working life I’ve always felt that people don’t like it if you’re not specialized in one area. They want you to be a producer, or they want you to be an editor, or they want to to do this very well and have someone else who can do the other thing very well. I’ve always struggled with that. I like so many things, and I’m most comfortable in doing many different things so I can keep life interesting. But I’ve always felt ‘not good enough’. I can do many things well, but not one thing perfectly. And for the first time ever, people love that I’m like that! Because they can put me on different assignments!

So even though I shouldn’t let my happiness depend on what other people think of me, this realisation made me sigh with relief. Finally: people appreciate my multi-tasking, my multi-ness!

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