How to become a creative professional

For almost two years, I had ‘Be a creative professional’ on my 43things list. Well, honestly, it’s been on my list my whole life, but never mind that. Today I considered this goal ‘done’. Here’s what I wrote in the ‘How I did it’ section:

I think the most important part of this for me was to go ahead and admit that I had become a creative professional. The past few months I kept thinking: ‘When am I a creative professional?’ I started this goal thinking I’d be one when I would be making money with my own cultural enterprise. When people would pay me to do photography, or just buy my photos, or
would pay me to make music or do graphic design.

I have a regular job in which I write, I do photography, I do graphic design and I make short movies. As a freelancer, I have the occasional photography-assignment. But it wasn’t until someone else actually said “You basically couldn’t do your job without your creative skills. Which in my very humble opinion makes you a creative professional” that I thought ‘hey, ok, so maybe I am a creative professional!’

Funnily enough I still don’t really consider myself a creative professional, 100%. But maybe that’s because I thought I’d feel different inside once I had achieved this goal. But then again, why would I feel different inside? Because honestly, this is me, and what I’m supposed to do! Of course it wouldn’t feel different, because for once in my life I’m actually really being me, and getting paid for it! So: Yay!

And note to self: start enjoying being the creative professional and stop thinking about whether I really am one or not!

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