348 down, 17 to go

I’ll be honest with you. I’m starting to get slightly fed up with my 365 project.

Yes, I know, it might come somewhat as a shock, but don’t worry, I won’t quit just before the end. Today is day 348, which means I will only have to take 17 more photos. Just a little over two weeks and my project is done. Finito. The end. And I’m looking forward to it, because it’s starting to become less and less fun. My inspiration-pool has dried up, and the whole workflow of loading the photo, editing it, uploading it to Flickr, adding a description and/or tags and then adding it to groups… Eugh, I just want to get it over with! Do other things with my life! Read a book, write a song, make a scarf!

17 more days. What’s 17 more days compared to the 348 I already did? Should be piece of cake.


Almost there. The reward will be great though: 365 daily photos, an amazing visual diary!

Een gedachte over “348 down, 17 to go

  1. Angela zegt:

    Wow, you managed to keep up with it! I was slowing down after day three, but then I don’t leave the house that much (or get to leave the house that much), and I wasn’t feeling well. I really should have put more thought into it! Maybe next year. 🙂 I didn’t keep up with my happiness project, either.

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