Bye bye

That’s it! That’s my 365 project! What a year it’s been… I’ve learned many things, that:
– I have amazing discipline, didn’t miss a single day
– photographing every day makes you a better photographer
– projects like these help you discover the miracles of Photoshop
– there are such things as happy accidents
– a person can have two major hairmakeovers in one year
– a project like this stimulates your creativity
– being outside and jumping a hundred times to get the perfect photo is fun!
– I’ve done many  things, been many places and experienced so much in just one year
– taking a picture of yourself is hard work, but mostly it’s fun, the reward is great!
– life is whatever you make of it

Thank you all for your encouragement, compliments, nice words, and interest in me!

2 gedachtes over “Bye bye

  1. Bailey Mikell zegt:

    I have always wanted to do a project like this! I just got a camera for my birthday and want to put it to use often. I think these also help you learn a lot about yourself. Thanks for sharing, and good for you for completing it! xoxo

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